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Late Term and Neonatal Loss

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SIDS Network: A World of Information and Support
Provides information on preventing SIDS, as well as stories from parents who have been there.
Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies
Discusses parents' needs and rights when a baby dies, in depth. Very informative and enlightening.
"A Baby Has Diedů"
A handbook for bereaved parents, their families and friends, from the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society Organization (SANDS).
Myths and Common "Advice"
Ideas and responses to insensitive comments, designed to help you cope better with your loss.
When Your Baby is Stillborn
A pamphlet created to help parents who have suffered a stillbirth loss.
Terms Commonly Used in Talking About Stillbirth
A listing of terms and definitions often used when discussing stillbirth.
It's Hard to Say Goodbye Before You've Even Had a Chance to Say Hello
This page is dedicated to all parents who have experienced the loss of a baby. It features a variety of tips to help you grieve, poems and several famous quotes, all applicable and soothing to grieving parents.


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