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A compilation of articles written by Michele Elliott

Welcome to The Labor of Love's Miscarriage and Loss nook. We are so glad that you've found us, and hope that in some small way we can help support you through your grieving process. This section of our site was designed to help you locate information on all aspects of loss.

The most difficult aspect of grief that follows the death of a fetus, baby or child is the overwhelming sense of isolation. We are here to help you find important answers, to connect you with others that have walked in your shoes and to offer some suggestions on how to move past the pain, while holding tight to the love.

We are going to break the information up into individual "chapters", to enable you to find exactly what you're searching for, quickly. Please feel free to search through the various categories, however. Often, information overlaps into two or more sections.

Chapter Titles

In addition to the articles provided above, we strongly encourage you to visit our miscarriage and loss message board. It provides a safe haven, with other parents experiencing similar issues. This is the best way to make friends with others, who understand firsthand what it's like to struggle through such a vast array of emotions.

An important component to any informational nook is the personal aspect. We encourage you to check out our readers' input regarding specific grief issues, and the impact on their lives. Please feel free to participate, if you would like to, and email us with your personal feelings. Click here (insert URL for the loss questions…) to visit our Share Your Feelings page!

Please visit our pregnancy loss journals. Some of our members have concentrated their energies on pouring their feelings into written words. They are incredible, detailed accounts of the depth of emotions experienced following a devastating loss. Other members are carefully detailing their ventures while trying to conceive again, following their loss(es). We take special pride in our ladies for journaling such thought-provoking and inspiring stories to share with us!


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