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Holiday and Anniversary Struggles

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"First" Holidays, Anniversaries . Why So Difficult? Ways To Help
Thoughts to consider as a special occasion approaches.
How to Help Ourselves Through the Holidays
A listing of no-nonsense tips to manage your grief during the holiday season.
Holiday Suggestions for Bereaved Parents
An article from the Bereaved Moms website, offering suggestions from other parents that are helpful.
After SIDS: Facing Anniversaries, Holidays and Special Events
Offers a multitude of feelings and thoughts to show you're not alone. Details what to expect as you face the special times, and gives great suggestions on what to try, to make the special times happier.
Holidays, A Difficult Challenge
Offers a "job-list" chart to make your life less stressful. Each box in the chart asks questions about each holiday ritual and routine; your answers allow you to prioritize, and feel love, healing and hope as you look to the year ahead.
Loss, Change and Grief: Suggestions for Dealing With the Holiday Blues
An extensive list of suggestions to help comfort the feelings of depression and melancholy you might be feeling.
Surviving the Holidays
A wonderful article that teaches you to respect your limitations and honor your feelings. Features a letter to be given to your family and friends.
Thinking of You on Mother's Day
A special group of grieving mothers share their thoughts and feelings with us.


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