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The Kindness Project
This is a worldwide project to share our children with those who never had the chance to meet them. Participants look for opportunities to reach out and do something unexpected and unusually kind for someone else. A card, indicating simply "this random act of kindness was done in loving memory of…." can be given. Many tips and suggestions for acts are offered.
The International Star Registry
A beautiful way to memorialize your child - this is the official organization to name a star after someone. The recipient will receive a star kit, which is filled with a variety of materials, including a personalized certificate with telescopic coordinates. Plus, when you purchase your star through this link, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Arizona SIDS Alliance.
Garden of Angels Organization
The Garden of Angels is a beautiful, peaceful Garden that has become the final "special" resting place for abandoned and unclaimed children. It is a "cemetery within a cemetery" located at Desert Lawn in Calimesa, California. Since 1996 they have had the honor of caring for 38 little ones, ranging in age from newborn to five years old. This is a mission of the heart for them, and their goal is to reach the parents of these children before the tragedy happens. By sharing the stories of the children who rest there... they have become their voices. If it touches only one mother-to-be who is hiding her pregnancy, and it encourages her to open up to someone she trusts and do the right thing for her child instead of opening that lid to a dumpster... then and only then, did the children in the Garden not die in vain. This is a very moving site, and the site owner's goal is community outreach. These people are dedicated to changing the existing laws, to prevent further tragedies from occurring. Instructions are provided for starting similar programs in your state, contacting local politicians to prevent the incidences in the first place, and where to send donations, if you'd like to contribute to the program in California.
Adopt-A-Tree Program
Celebrate the memory with a living symbol planted in the Rio Salado North Bank Linear Linear Park in Tempe, Arizona. You will receive a certificate of recognition and will be notified when the tree has been planted by professional contractors.
Zoo Atlanta's Animal Adoption Programs
A variety of animals are offered at this wonderful site, depending on your chosen contribution level. You can also participate in their Species Survival Plan, which specializes in collective management programs for breeding captive populations of endangered animals such as the African Elephant, Red Panda, Golden Lion Tamarin, and Sumatran Tiger. Donors will receive both a full color photo of an animal they've chosen and a certificate of adoption, as well as other materials. Follow the adoption animal link.
Whale Adoption Project
Adopt a Humpback Whale through the International Wildlife Coalition. With a donation, the recipient receives a special adoption package.


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