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Helping Someone After a Miscarriage
Emphasizes the importance of not rushing people to get back to normal. Offers things that you can do as well as statements that hurt.
Miscarriage: How Can I Say the Right Thing?
Suggestions on what you can say and how to encourage a grieving person to open up.
The Bereaved Parent's Wish List
A list of things that grieving parents wish you could understand about their pain.
How to Help a Grieving Child
Wonderful resource on what to say and how to help a grieving child. Discusses what to and not to say when offering an explanation.
What Churches Should Know About Miscarriage
Thoroughly and effectively explains how the church should respond to grieving couples.
The Do's and Don'ts of Grief Support
Comprehensive list offering suggestions on what to and not to do or say to a grieving parent.
Grandparents and Grief
Acknowledges and describes the grief and turmoil in a grandparent's role. Details what the bereaved are feeling, points out the critical stage of confusion and disorganization, and offers suggestions on what to and not to do.
Comfort Baskets
What to give when you don't' know what to say.


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