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Keeping Kids Busy,
Not As Easy As It Sounds!!
Five Unusual Things to Do

Living in the Northeastern states, when the winter comes, we are really searching for things to keep our kids busy. I started asking other stay home moms what they do on the fifteenth snow day in a row. This is just a few of the most unique suggestions that were brought to me.

  1. There is nothing more fun to a small child than making a mess. Right? So why not incorporate that mess with keeping them clean. Heres how to do it. No matter how cold it is outside (or rainy) a warm bath feels great, so we just bought our kids those bathtub paints and let them go to town. My little girl has a ball drawing her latest masterpiece and then cleaning it off with a sponge!! Be careful though, some of these so-called bathroom paints can stain your grout, So be sure to test them out first!!
    For ages 2 and up.

  2. After a party one time, I was a bit slow to clean up the mess.*S* I left the disposable table cloth on my dining room table. My daughter was getting bored so we took out all her crayons and markers and decorated the entire tablecloth with pictures. I would reccomend getting a light colored cloth so all the colors will show. After we were done, we had an elegant lunch served on our original print!! Be sure to warn Daddy when he comes home to make a big deal out of it!!
    For ages 2 and up.

  3. Nancy in Florida emailed me with a great and inexpensive idea. She says to take a large storage bin with a lid., and buy some whiterice (pretty inexpensive if you buy by the bag)and put tons of cups, spoons and other sandbox like toys in it, for a indoor sandbox. Be sure your vacuum is working though because this one can get messy!!
    For ages 2 and up.

  4. Play the hot and cold game

    Pick an object that is visible in one room. Make your kids guess which one it is by telling them if they are "hot" when they are close, and "cold" when they are far. Have small birthday bag toys handy as prizes!!
    For kids over 5

  5. Depending on where you live bad weather can mean anything from rain to ten feet of snow. That kind of weather can get anyone down. Why not decorate your entire house with pictures of flowers and other cheerful things. Keep them up for a few days to show off to thier freinds and family that may happen by.
    For kids of all ages!

I know in my house this topic comes up very often. I am always looking for ways to keep my kids happy indoors. I will be looking for more suggestions as we get near the new year because even these cool ideas will get old!! Please send your suggestions to Lisa at !! I hope these are helpful hints!!

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