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Perhaps the most difficult aspect of fertility and infertility issues is the sense of confusion, isolation, and the confusion of where to turn for answers. Your doctor will give you a foundation of what you can expect, but usually it just isn't enough to whet the curiosity and desire to know what you're facing. The internet is a great source for material, but it is *huge* and quite difficult to find quality articles and fact sheets. We have done the research for you, and encourage you to take the time to explore our resource list, at your leisure.

None of these links should be construed as medical advice. You can, however, effectively use them as tools - as a method to gather questions and material to discuss with your doctor at your next appointment.

Natural Methods to improve your odds

Starting Out - Basic Information About Testing and the Evaluation Process

Preliminary and Diagnostic Testing

Female Issues

Male Testing and Issues

Specific Treatments

Psychological and Coping Information

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