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A compilation of articles written by Michele Elliott

The situations and circumstances of infertility are as varied as this great, wide world. Whether you suspect that you might be having some problems getting pregnant the traditional way, you're experiencing primary or secondary infertility, or you simply want to read up and learn about the situation, welcome.

It happens one day - for some of us, shockingly and suddenly, for others, gradually - but one day you discover yourself in this foreign world that has its own set of rules and an in-depth new language; the world of infertility. There are hundreds of thousands of women in your shoes, and the computer is the fastest, easiest way to recognize this fact. Information and resources can be utilized, and special friendships can be made online.

For those of you new to the world of infertility, or somewhat confused with the abbreviations and jargon used on the internet, please check out our Acronyms and Abbreviations guide. It can be quite helpful, especially when cruising around various message boards on the world wide web.

We have compiled articles composed of frequently asked questions and fact sheets to explain some of the more confusing, or elaborate issues of infertility. Very helpful resources, such as the sensitivity levels of home pregnancy tests, reside here. Click here to visit our list of FAQ's and Fact Sheets.

If you're looking for more detailed information, such as thorough descriptions and explanations on anything from initial fertility testing, a particular diagnoisis, or possible treatment options, please visit our Answers and Information page. We have researched hundreds of resources to compile a list of the best on the web, and welcome you to browse at your leisure.

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