Why Every Dad Should Be Ready to Deliver the Baby

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Given our choice, most of us would not elect for anything unusually exciting when it comes time to deliver the baby. We would prefer to have our baby delivered by our OB/GYN (or other health care professional) in the safety of a hospital room under sterile conditions. But, as one Indianapolis-area couple recently discovered, things don’t always work out that way.

Mackenzie, pregnant with her first child, had started to have what she believed were Braxton-Hicks contractions while Chris attended class at a nearby college campus. Following standard advice, she timed the contractions, but assumed they were nothing to worry about because they were not painful.

When the contractions suddenly became more intense, Mackenzie called her doctor and her husband. The doctor had instructed her to come in to be examined. Chris was concerned they might not be able to make the 30 minute drive and suggested three times that they instead go to St. Francis Hospital, which was closer. Having been advised that first pregnancies generally take longer to deliver, Mackenzie assured him she would be OK to go to the doctor’s office instead.

The baby had other plans, however. Halfway to the doctor’s office, Mackenzie and Chris had to pull over because the baby was coming, ready or not. Before paramedics could arrive, young Calvin made his debut with no one but a 911 operator to help walk the couple through the process.

While nothing can really prepare you for having to deliver your own baby, this story illustrates why it is important to be as ready as you possibly can. Babies have a way of following their own schedule. And while most babies give plenty of advanced warning to make sure parents are safely on the maternity floor of the local hospital before they make their grand entrance, there are no guarantees.

Make sure you know what to do in case baby comes before you are able to get to the hospital. You never know when dad will have to pinch hit for the doctor.

In the unlikely event that your baby is ready to come before you’re able to get to the hospital, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that dad knows what to do?


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