What You Didn’t Know about Having Twins

You might not know it, but being the mom of twins or multiples may actually mean you’re going to have a longer life.

I’ll give you a minute to digest that thought.

It might not seem connected on the surface, but a recent study done at the University of Utah shows that women who have twins or multiples are, in many cases, stronger and healthier than those of us who only have one at a time.

According to the study, moms who have twins or triplets may have a particular physiological makeup that increases life span, and that makes them more fertile.

The study looked at nearly 60,000 women in the state of Utah. All of them were born before 1900. This allowed the study to avoid having its results impacted by modern contraception and fertility interventions. These numbers were the women’s natural fertility, for the most part.

The researchers suggest that part of the reason for this is really just natural selection and survival of the fittest. Women who are able to carry multiples and deliver them successfully – in the absence of modern interventions – would naturally need to be healthier and stronger.

Now, this doesn’t mean, of course, you should go out and try to have twins in order to live longer. In fact, the kinds of things you could do to increase your chances (such as using fertility medications) wouldn’t have that kind of impact. You have to already be predisposed to long life in order to see the correlation.

This study is still relevant in light of recent advances in fertility, however. In some ways, it should serve as notice to women who do get pregnant with multiples. More is required of them than mothers of singles – at least, all at once.

The fact that multiples tend to run in families also suggests that there is a genetic connection between having multiples and other genetic factors, such as being healthier and living longer.

Any moms of twins care to chime in? What’s your family history like? Are there many instances of multiples, and do you see a longevity pattern in your family?

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