When Toys Takeover

When you have a new baby, it is not only wonderful but a huge change in your life and lifestyle. From a young age, your baby will start to get toys, whether you buy them for him or her or they’re from relatives or friends. Sooner or later, before you know it, your house will be totally taken over by toys, not to mention your diaper bag, etc. Not that a toy takeover is necessarily a bad thing, but keeping things organized can be a hassle so here are a few tips and tricks to keep your house from drowning in toys.

How Can You Keep Toys Organized?

Different parents have different tricks and tips on how to keep their house organized. Whether you have a lot of storage space or no space at all, there are always different ways of keeping toys organized. Many parents have toy baskets in which they can throw their children’s toys. Some may have one in their child’s room or one in every house, depending on how much space and how many toys have been accumulated over the years. Some have a specific area just for toys.

blocksStorage Space

If you have storage space in your house, such as a closet, a basement or an attic, one way to keep toys organized is to find big plastic toy bins in which you can store some toys away and then bring them back into circulation after a few weeks. This is helpful on a few levels. Firstly, it helps keep too many toys from being all over the house; and two when you bring the toys back into circulation, it’s almost as if your baby has new toys to play with. Toys that your child hasn’t seen for a few weeks can be exciting and fun for him or her, so this could be helpful for parents who have storage space for toys.

Storage like Furniture

Although moms and dads may not want their children to have too many toys, it’s hard to ask other people not to bring their baby toys. If this is the case, another way to store your children’s toys is by buying furniture which has storage space. There are many ottomans and soft tables in which the cushions can come off and there is storage space underneath. Shelving systems are a good way to organize toys in a compact space, and blending storage into cute décor, like decorative baskets, is a good way to store your baby’s toys.

Keeping Certain Toys in Certain Places

A good way to keep toys organized is to keep specific toys in specific places. If there are certain toys that your baby plays with in the bath or when being changed, it might be a good idea to store those toys in those locations so they are easily accessible and so you don’t have a big pile of toys in one area of the house. If your child plays with specific toys in the car, or on longer road trips, think about keeping a toy bin in the car for those toys.


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