Top 10 Pregnancy Surprises, Part 3

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we’ve looked at some of the things you may not have known or expected during pregnancy. From problems concentrating to fast hair growth, these aren’t major health concerns, but they can be disconcerting if you’re not expecting them. Today, we’ll look at four more surprises you’re likely to see during pregnancy.

1.      Growing feet. It’s not just your regular clothes that are going to be a struggle to fit into during pregnancy. Because your body retains a significant amount of extra fluid, it’s not uncommon at all to have swollen feet while you’re pregnant. That means you may even need to pick out a shoe in a larger size than what you’re used to. Slip-on shoes are especially good, as it will be easier to get them on and off as your middle grows.

2.      Changes to your joints. Your body makes a hormone during pregnancy that helps to prepare your pubic area for the birth process. This hormone – relaxin – helps to loosen your ligaments and make you able to stretch. Unfortunately, it also can make you less stable overall, and make it easier to injure yourself. Watch for jerky motions, especially when lifting something.

3.      Hemorrhoids and constipation. Some women experience hemorrhoids for the first time during their pregnancy. They can be painful, they can bleed, and they can be brought on by constipation – another common pregnancy condition. Your growing uterus tends to push on the large intestine, causing these issues.

4.      What comes out of you during birth. It’s not just a baby, of course. It’s not even just a baby and a placenta. There’s the rupture of your amniotic sac – what’s commonly known as your “water breaking.” You might vomit during pregnancy. Diarrhea is common during labor, as is passing gas. Many women lose control of their bowels. These are normal and natural processes, but they can take you by surprise.

So, what about you? What kinds of pregnancy surprises have you discovered? If this isn’t your first pregnancy, are there things you can pass along to others about what to expect?

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