Special Needs Adoption

One of the most selfless things that an adoptive parent can do is to consider adopting a child with special needs. The whole prospect can be intimidating, of course. Like any other prospective parent, you begin to question your abilities. You wonder if you can be a good example and fully provide for any child, let alone one with challenges. While there is most definitely an intimidation factor when it comes to special needs adoption, the reward factor is arguably as great.

One of the things you should recognize right away about special needs adoption is that it is often easier to adopt a child with special needs than one who doesn’t have special needs. Many children with special needs are rejected outright by adoptive parents.

You need to understand, as well, what can constitute special needs.  A special needs child is a child that has or that needs to have special education services, or that has a disability of one type or another.  This may include physical disabilities, such as needing a wheelchair, or it can include mental or emotional disabilities, such as autism or bipolar disorder.

A special needs child will typically be older; in general, there are not that many special needs infants to be adopted.  In many cases, a special needs child may have a history of neglect or abuse.  Having a sibling and needing to be adopted as a group may make a child a special needs child.  Being exposed to alcohol or drugs while still in the womb may also make a child have special needs.

Special needs children, typically, are available to be adopted.  They are often in the publicly administered foster care program.  In some cases, a child with special needs may have been in many foster homes.  Nearly any prospective parent who is able and willing to adopt a child with special needs may be able to adopt a child with special needs.  In fact, the requirements for adopting a child with special needs can be less than the requirements for adopting a baby.

If you are considering adoption, you should consider adopting a child with special needs.  You may find that you are much more able and prepared than you think to care for a child with special needs.

  • Thanks for discussing special needs adoption. I hate to think of these kids languishing in group homes…

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