Saving Money on your Teen’s Car Insurance

You knew this day would come eventually, but you’d rather kick the can down the road a bit on this one. Most parents are nervous when their teens start driving. It’s natural to worry over their safety when teenagers take the wheel.

On top of that, you’re not likely to get cheap insurance auto for your teen right off the bat. Teenagers are the most expensive group to insure.

Follow these practical tips, however, and you’re sure to feel better about handing over the keys.

    • Add your teen driver to your existing policy to save money. If your current insurer doesn’t offer you great rates, you can always get automotive insurance rates from other carriers. Be sure to include your teen when asking for quotes, and compare features, benefits, and prices from among several of the top insurance companies.
    • Strike a balance between the kind of car they want and what you want them to drive. Most teens see themselves sitting behind the wheel of expensive SUVs and sports cars, but these aren’t good starter cars for kids. Instead, choose an older model that doesn’t cost as much to replace.
    • Instill a sense of personal responsibility. Driving is a serious activity, but most teens don’t realize they are operating a lethal weapon when they get behind the wheel. To help your young driver understand the responsibility that comes with driving, ask that they pay their own car insurance and/or buy their own car.


Of course they’ll yell and say it isn’t fair, but you know better. After all, you pay for your own classic vehicle insurance, right? Paying for their own cars and/or insurance will help them understand the costs associated with driving, and the importance of developing safe driving habits.

  • Check with your insurer to see if they offer good student discounts. In addition to, or instead of, asking your teen to pay their own way, you can offer them something if they make good grades. If they pay their own premiums, they’ll automatically receive the good student discount.

If you pay their insurance, pass the savings along to the student or reward them for their grades in some other way.

  • Continue monitoring your teen’s driving habits even once they have their license. Once every couple of weeks, ask them to drive when you are going somewhere together. It will make them feel important if you tell them you’re too tired to drive, or you’d appreciate if they’d take you somewhere, etc. but it will give you a chance to check up on their driving habits and curb any bad habits early on.

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