Potty Training and Preschool

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One of the questions that so many parents of toddlers face has to do with potty training and preschool. There was a time when, if your child wasn’t potty trained, there were few or no preschools that would take him. Today, however, things are different. Preschools recognize that not all toddlers are going to be able to develop at the same pace, and that potty training isn’t always the best indicator of school readiness.

That said, some still do require potty training before they’ll let your little one in. There are a number of reasons for this, of course. For one, preschool teachers only have a certain amount of time with your kids. They tend to try to focus that time on building academic strength, and having to stop and deal with potty problems on a regular basis can interfere with the flow of their lessons.  On top of that, there are of course the sanitation and health concerns that go along with potty training.

Even so, the fact that your toddler isn’t yet potty trained doesn’t mean that he can’t go to preschool right now. Again, there are many preschools that will more than likely take him.

If you can’t find one (because perhaps you live in a rural area with fewer options) you might be tempted to try to speed up her potty training so that she can go to preschool. There are experts that suggest that forcing potty training on a child can have long-term ill effects. Rushing her through isn’t going to help her out over the long run.

On top of that, the extra year of growth and development before he’s put into an academic environment can be beneficial, as well. Some studies suggest that children who enter preschool later will, on average, keep pace better with what’s being taught at school.

Ultimately, the potty training issue is between you, your child, and the preschool. You can’t let someone else look down on you because of your choices.

So, what do you think? Have you faced a delay in preschool because of potty training? What’s the policy at preschools in your area?

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