Paying the Price for Baby

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It’s not cheap to have a baby. Sure, you’ve got the long-term expenses – estimated to be about a quarter of a million dollars between the time a child is born and when she leaves the nest. But you’ve also got some immediate expenses. One of the most basic human experiences – having a baby – can come with a sizable price tag. Today, many of these expenses just can’t be avoided, either. There are also plenty of optional expenses you’ll want (rather than need) in order to have a baby.

Here are some of those major cost concerns when you want to bring a new life into this world:

  • Medical costs. Yes, you can have a baby without any medical assistance. However, having a doctor or midwife as well as other medical staff nearby helps make sure that, if there are any complications, you and your baby will be just fine. How much you’re going to need to pay in medical expenses varies based on a number of factors. For example, if you need a C-section, you can be looking at costs of $10,000 or more. If you have medical insurance, many of your medical costs will be paid for.
  • Bedding. You need to have a place for baby to sleep. That might be a bassinette to begin with, or it might be a crib. You’re probably going to spend at least $200 on a modern, safe crib, but you can spend as much as several thousand dollars on a particularly elegant piece of furniture.
  • Travel concerns. You’ll need a car seat for your baby to get home from the hospital (and to get anywhere else). You’ll want a stroller or carriage. These items can range from $40 or less to hundreds of dollars.
  • Repeat costs. You’re going to need to buy some things on a regular basis. That might be nursing pads or formula, for example. You’re going to need diapers and clothes. You may need to pay for childcare or other related expenses.

Knowing what you’re going to be expected to pay can help make the decision as to whether it’s the right time to try to have a baby.

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