New Russian Adoption Policy

For many couples struggling to have a child – or who wish to make a difference in the life of a needy child – adoption is a wonderful alternative. The adoption landscape in the United States can be difficult, however, and sometimes it’s easier for a couple to look overseas. In particular, many families have taken in children from Russia in recent years.

However, there’s been some difficulty in recent years. Russian adoptions have slowed, as there have been some allegations about abuse and even murder of adopted Russian children. There was even the famous case back in April of 2010 where a woman sent her adoptive 7 year-old son back to Russia, citing behavioral problems.

Some Russians called for adoptions to cease, but adoptions were frozen for a few months.

Fortunately for American parents, Russian parliament recently ratified a new adoption agreement for the United States. Adoptions will be processed now through an adoption agency in Russia, which will monitor the rearing of the children and even schedule social work visits.

On the one hand, this should help to relieve fears about children being “sold” overseas by concerned Russians, and it will open up the adoption process once again to parents who want to adopt a child in the United States.

Currently, orphanages in Russia are overcrowded and underfunded. It’s estimated that there are nearly 750,000 children without parents.

In 2011, Russia was in the top three sources of foreign adoptions by United States residents. Russian adoptions were more common as recently as 2004, with as many as five times the number of adoptions taking place that year  than in 2011.

So, what do you think about all of this adoption hubbub?

Would you adopt a Russian child? Do you think the concerns of Russian citizens are justified, and that the new agreement may help to resolve some of the unfortunate issues of the past?

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