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Why Do Men Cheat?

While there may be any number of reasons why a man is unfaithful, the fact of the matter is that that most infidelity can be boiled down to a number of consistent reasons or excuses. While none of these reasons necessarily justify infidelity, it’s interesting to look at the reasons men give in order to understand some of the symptoms or triggers involved.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons men say they cheat:

  • He’s not getting any. Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. This is often especially true for men. Men see sex as what separates a relationship from a mere friendship. If your relationship doesn’t include sex, it’s possible that the man may decide to stray.
  • She cheated first. Now, this is obviously a very immature reason to do anything, but no one is accusing men of being mature, right? A man who has been cheated on, but loves his wife too much to want to get out of the relationship, might decide to get revenge in order to even up the score.
  • His ego demands it. We all want to feel attractive to others. That’s why men shave and put on nice clothes, even if they’re just going out with the guys. That’s also why some men flirt, even though they wouldn’t normally consider cheating. An insecure man, however, wants to feel like he’s “still got it,” and may turn to cheating in order to boost his own ego.
  • He’s weak willed. When an attractive woman shows signs of interest in a man, it’s hard to say no. When a man is committed to another woman, he’s immediately faced with a dilemma. Most men give themselves virtual smack upside the head and say “no, thanks.” Some men, especially those that have less experience with women and probably haven’t been hit on much in their lives, will have a harder time with the forbidden fruit.
  • He’s not in love anymore. Let’s face it: sometimes, relationships fade. If a couple doesn’t have a strong emotional foundation, after a while the man is going to lose interest. It’s not his partner’s fault alone, of course; it takes two people working hard to stay in love.

So, what excuses have you heard men give for cheating?