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Major Trends in Adoption

Bruno and Laura

Adoption has seen a serious surge in popularity over the past three decades. At one time, adoption was considered only as an alternative when a couple couldn’t conceive their own child. Today, however, adoption is often the first choice of many couples who seek to have a child but also make a difference in the life of a child from less fortunate circumstances.

Here’s a look at some of the major trends that have taken place in the adoption arena over the past couple of decades or so:

  • More open adoptions. There was a time when almost all adoptions were closed adoptions. In a closed adoption, the identity of the parents – both the adoptive parents and the birth parents – is kept confidential. In many cases, birth parents weren’t given much information about their baby at all. They might not even know whether they had a boy or a girl, and may also never be informed as to whether or not the child had been placed for adoption. Fortunately, this trend has been rapidly reversing itself since the 1980s. Increasingly, birth parents can be involved in the adoption process. We’re also seeing a rise in requests from birth mothers to meet their children later on in life.
  • Increased adoption networking. There are essentially two kinds of adoption domestically. You can adopt via an agency or via an independent adoption. An agency may be private or public, and it may be non-profit or for-profit. Individual adoptions are usually arranged by an attorney. In individual adoptions, it’s more common for birth families to be involved in the adoption process. Attorneys often network with one another and with families in order to make these adoptions happen. Some attorneys even bond together to create a sort of informal agency.
  • International adoptions. Adopting a child from another country has grown in popularity, as many adoptive parents aren’t only seeking to become parents, they also want to make a difference in the life of a child from less fortunate beginnings.

So, what do you think about these adoption trends? Are they all good, or are there problems with some? Are we moving in the right direction as a whole?