Identifying a Toddler’s Allergies

Many young children seem to have perpetual colds. If your toddler’s nose is constantly running or stuffy, if her eyes continually itch, or if her skin is perpetually rashy or irritated, she may have allergies. Allergies are reactions of the immune system to a particular substance. When a child’s body comes into contact with an allergen, her body sees it as an invader and tries to get rid of it by releasing histamines. Histamines can irritate your toddler’s body, and are responsible for the allergy symptoms.

Finding Allergies can be extremely elusive in young children and toddlers. It often takes a great deal of personal effort on the part of parents, and sometimes takes medical action to find potential allergies in your toddler. Depending on the particular allergen or allergens that he is allergic to, it can be frustrating to identify. For example, if your child is allergic to pets, it is not enough to take the pet out of the house for a few days; pet dander tends to linger, and may be in your house for a year after the pet is gone. On the other hand, if you take the toddler out of the house and the symptoms disappear, it doesn’t guarantee that he is allergic to the pet; there could be something else in the house that he is allergic to.

If your toddler is allergic to pollens, she will be more likely to have an allergic reaction during the spring, summer, and fall, but not as much in the winter. If your child is allergic to molds, they often appear during rain or stormy weather. Dust mite and pet allergies tend to be worse in the morning than at other times of day. Food allergies can be difficult to pinpoint, as it is rare that a child will eat just one food at a meal.

Ultimately, the best way for finding potential allergies in your toddler is to have him tested by an allergist. An allergist may choose to use a blood test, which will check for the presence of allergens. More commonly, the allergist will do a skin test, in which tiny amounts of many common allergens are applied to your toddler’s skin. If your toddler is allergic, he will have an allergic reaction on that spot.

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