Holiday Shopping Online can Save You Big Bucks

Christmas #19 - The Timberland Santa


Remember when you though a chubby guy in a bright red suit slid down the chimney and put all those beautifully wrapped presents under the tree? Now that we’re all grown up, we face the reality of trying to provide a nice Christmas for our families without allowing the budget to go up in smoke.

Fortunately, today’s holiday shopper has a helper that’s almost as good as Santa’s elves. Not quite, but almost. We’re talking about your computer, of course. Online shopping can save you a bundle by letting you shop around for your holiday presents without having to leave your home.

Online shopping can help protect you from impulse buys. After all, it takes no time at all to visit the website again. You won’t be tempted to think, “I’m here anyway, I might as well take advantage of the sale so I won’t have to come back.” What’s more, you can do your comparison shopping without leaving an online store. You can simply open additional tabs to compare products and prices offered by competitors.

There are several other ways online shopping can help you save, including:

  • Saving gas. When you shop online, you don’t need to put extra gas in your car. At today’s exorbitant gas prices, this alone is plenty of reason to fire up the Dell instead of the Chevy.
  • Saving time. Time is money, as the old saying goes. The less time you have to spend driving from store to store, the more time you have for productive things.
  • Avoiding the bait and switch. When you shop online, you are more likely to know what you’re looking for instead of impulse shopping. Even more important, you won’t have to walk through endless aisles of displays which are custom made to lighten your purse before you get out of the store.

Many online stores offer free shipping, especially during the holiday season. You will want to make sure that you place your order early enough for the gifts to arrive on time. Generally, this means ordering everything at least a week before Christmas Eve.

How much of your holiday shopping is online this year?
Are you finding that you save money when you shop online?

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