Herbs to Help Induce Labor

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Herbs are an all-natural alternative treatment for a variety of conditions. In addition, using certain herbs is also thought to help enhance a person’s life in a variety of ways. Herbs have been used during pregnancy for a number of purposes. For example, a woman might use an herbal tea to help with the nausea that comes from morning sickness. She might use an herbal butter or cream near the end of her pregnancy to soothe her sore nipples. There are also uses for herbs after a baby is born. These might include using herbs to help with milk production, or as a supplemental aid to a postpartum depression treatment plan. There are even herbs that you can use during labor.

The most common use for herbs during labor is to help with labor pain. There is no question that labor is painful. And, in many cases, the medical options for treating that labor pain really have side effects that the mother would like to avoid. One of the biggest reasons for wanting to avoid pain medications to help with labor pain is that they can, in some ways, detract from the woman’s experience of childbirth, and make her less lucid in her baby’s first minutes and hours of life.

There are several different herbs and herbal products that you can use during labor to help with pain. There are teas with herbs that can help you to relax. There are creams and ointments that can be used to help prepare the perineum for childbirth, which will help to prevent tearing, or the need for an episiotomy. Typically, these sorts of creams or ointments may contain herbs such as blue cohosh, black cohosh, kuki nut, and lavender. In addition to using herbs to help with labor pain, these creams or ointments may use other sorts of natural ingredients to help with labor pain, such as vanilla oil or vitamin E.

There are even herbs that you can use during labor that will help speed the process of labor along. Blue and black cohosh, for example, are thought to help to make contractions more regular and stronger. There are other herbs, such as goldenseal and squaw vine, that are thought to accomplish the same thing.

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