Great Ways for Students to Save Money

Being a college student and being broke are things that very often go hand in hand. If there is anyone that needs to save some money, it surely would have to be the college student. Here are the top 10 ways for students to save money:

10. First, students can save money by avoiding vending machines and cafeteria drinks. Bring a water bottle along with you everywhere you go, and refill it in the water fountains. If you can’t do water, pack a thermos of coffee or any other beverage in your backpack, along with some snacks to eat throughout the day.

9. Save on Internet service and e-mail by utilizing the university’s e-mail and Internet services.

8. Students can save a ton of money on textbooks by avoiding the school book store and shopping online. Even when you consider shipping costs, you can probably get textbooks at a 20-50% discount off what the bookstore is selling them for.

7. School supplies will also be less expensive at other stores than they will be in the school book store. Chain department stores and even office supply stores will almost always be a better buy.

6. If possible, try to trade or buy books from students who have already had a certain class. You’ll be better off, and so will they.

5. Many businesses offer a student discount, so get into the habit of asking if there is one everywhere you go. This is a great way for students to save money.

4. For printing or copying, consider printing 2 pages to a sheet, or reducing copy size. Even at just a few cents a page, those photocopy costs can add up.

3. Leave your car at home. Or, if you do have a car at school, get in the habit from the beginning of asking for a $1 donation whenever someone rides with you to help cover gas.

2. Pizza coupons are your friend.

1. Don’t be afraid to buy used. Second hand stores can save you money on everything from clothes to school supplies.

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