Get Control of Gestational Diabetes


There are, as you well know, many conditions that can affect the pregnant woman. Some of them, like morning sickness, tend to be little more than an annoyance. Others tend to be more serious. Some conditions arise only during pregnancy. This is the case with gestational diabetes, although this condition can be much more serious than morning sickness usually is.

Gestational diabetes poses a number of serious risks. While gestational diabetes doesn’t add to the risk of birth defects in the way that regular diabetes is likely to do, there are still some important health concerns. You may be at a higher risk of having high blood pressure during pregnancy due to gestational diabetes, for example. When your blood sugar levels are too high, you run the risk of certain complications. You may have breathing difficulties during labor, or your baby may also have those difficulties. Your baby may be larger than normal, requiring a C-section instead of a natural delivery.

The good news is that gestational diabetes can be treated. It can usually be controlled by specific lifestyle and diet choices. Your doctor will have more information about how to treat your gestational diabetes, and you should follow those recommendations carefully.

There are many factors that can increase your risk of having gestational diabetes. Pregnancy is a time that’s ripe for changes. Your hormone levels are all over the place. Your weight is shifting, which is normal. In some instances, your body just can’t keep up and won’t produce enough insulin to moderate your blood sugar levels.

If you do have gestational diabetes, you’re more likely to have it again during a subsequent pregnancy. There is some research that suggests that having gestational diabetes also increases your risks of developing regular diabetes later on in life.

Your doctor will normally do a blood sugar test around six weeks of pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes. If you are found to have gestational diabetes, she will want to regularly do blood sugar tests throughout the course of your pregnancy to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

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