Getting Your Family and Home Organized



Family life can be hectic at times. Whether it’s just you and a partner with competing schedules or whether you have a house full of kids from 2 to 20, the pace of modern life makes it hard to keep in touch at times.

Life events, school and work commitments and even social lives are bound to interfere with your family’s schedule. It makes it hard to keep your home organized when everyone is breezing in and out. Still, it’s possible to bring some order to the chaos. Here are some tips that will help you organize your home, even though everyone seems to be moving in opposite directions:

  • Remember that things aren’t nearly as important as people. Family should be your first priority.
  • When it comes to the house cleaning, your family’s standards are what matters. Each family has to decide what works for them.
  • The more things you accumulate the more cleaning and maintenance it will take.
  • When your kids are grown, they won’t recall whether the towels were folded perfectly or whether there were occasionally dirty dishes in the sink. They’ll remember whether their parents wanted to spend time with them.
  • Given a choice between new furniture and a family vacation, take the vacation. The furniture will eventually get old and be forgotten; the vacation will stick in your family’s mind forever.
  • Everyone in the house should take part in its upkeep, even when it conflicts with their schedules.
  • Stop trying to have the perfect home and perfect family life. There is no perfection. Give your kids the best you have, and that will be enough someday.
  • Clutter can cause serious stress, and reducing or eliminating clutter helps reduce or eliminate that stress.
  • Your home is a place where your children should feel welcomed and like they belong. It’s more important that you enjoy their company and that they learn to enjoy yours than it is for them to make the A honor roll.

A well-organized home and a well-planned schedule can make the difference between chaos and some semblance of order.


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