Emergency Temper Tantrum Stoppers

If there’s one thing that all toddlers seem to know how to do, and how to do well, it’s throw a temper tantrum. It often happens at the most inopportune times, too: when you’re in the library, during a hurried and crowded grocery store trip, or when you’re visiting your judgmental mother-in-law.

While you can’t prevent toddler temper tantrums, there are some things you may be able to do to get a handle on the situation and, in a crisis-response fashion, get your toddler to stop.

Here are some techniques you can try:

  • Be silly. Do something to make your baby laugh. Not only is there a chance that you’ll distract your toddler enough to get her to forget all about that tantrum, you’ll have a bit of fun with it, too. Wacky behavior can surprise and interest your toddler. Activities include pulling your shirt over your head, singing like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, barking and howling like a dog and making your strangest faces. Once the toddler starts to laugh, you know you’re out of danger.
  • Tantrums

  • Open up a new door. Chances are your toddler’s grabbed at your keys, your cell phone, your purse and more. Let him play with an item that’s normally forbidden. Carefully consider the setting for this one. Be sure you’re in a safe place that’s carpeted, where that particular item isn’t going to get dashed to pieces if your toddler decides to pretend he’s Babe Ruth. Of course, know that if you need to take it away, you’re going to get twice the tantrum.
  • Recite a favorite book or poem. Without even so much as an announcement, start reciting one of your toddler’s favorite books. If you haven’t taken the time to memorize one, make up a story. Slowly lower your volume to the point where your toddler has to stop crying in order to hear you. Once she’s listening quietly, she won’t be throwing a fit.
  • Use your toddler’s imagination. Stare off into the sky. When he notices you staring, and before he looks up, say “was that a flying pony that just went by? Your toddler will devote his energy into looking for Pegasus rather than throwing the tantrum.

So, what techniques to you use to get your little one off the tantrum train?

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