How to Cut Your Grocery Bill by Planning Meals

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Groceries can be a significant part of a family’s monthly expenditures. The more people there are in your family, the more that the grocery bill will impact your budget. While there are traditional ways to cut your grocery bill like clipping coupons and shopping for sale items, there is one often-overlooked method that’s sure to save you some money.

You can cut your grocery bill simply by planning your meals.

The most expensive scenario

Let’s think about it for a moment: when you go to the grocery store, you probably bring a list. On that list are the staple food items you typically like to have in your home. That might include things like meat, produce, frozen foods, canned goods, and more. But how often have you looked in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer, only to find a bunch of food that didn’t get used and has now passed its expiration date?

Buying food that you don’t use isn’t only wasteful, it’s expensive.

Your grocery list starts with your meal plan

One of the best ways to cut your grocery bill is with intentional shopping. That means buying the items (and only those items) that you’ll use. That starts by creating a meal plan for your family.

Your meal plan doesn’t have to be terribly complex. You can simply create a list of dishes that you plan on making for dinner during the week, plus a list of breakfast and lunch foods that you and your family will eat. Check your recipes to make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients on your list, and then head off to the grocery store.

Combining savings for maximum grocery bill effectiveness

If you’re smart about it, you’ll actually start your meal plan by checking out the store’s grocery flyer. What’s on sale this week? If ground chuck is at a low, consider having a couple of meals that will use it. Try to focus on those deep discounts, rather than savings on relatively inexpensive items.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice just how quickly planning your meals can cut your grocery bill.


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