Getting Your Toddler to Share

As parents, it is our job to encourage our toddler to share. Sharing does not come naturally to toddlers. Their world centers around themselves – around their sensory experiences, their learning activities, and their physical needs. In fact, a toddler who always shares without being taught to could be considered something of a rarity, if

Identifying a Toddler’s Allergies

Many young children seem to have perpetual colds. If your toddler’s nose is constantly running or stuffy, if her eyes continually itch, or if her skin is perpetually rashy or irritated, she may have allergies. Allergies are reactions of the immune system to a particular substance. When a child’s body comes into contact with an

Is Your Toddler Underweight?

Toddlers generally do a pretty good job of regulating their own food intake. They tend to stop when they are no longer hungry, although they are particularly vulnerable to candies and goodies. You can best monitor your child’s weight through the use of a growth chart. A growth chart will tell you how your toddler

Preschool Advantages for Toddlers

photo credit: andrewmalone Sending your child or children to preschool does have certain advantages. Exactly what those advantages are can vary somewhat from child to child and from preschool to preschool, but on average you will find that there are advantages to preschool. One of the biggest advantages of preschool can be the opportunity that

Potty Training and Preschool

photo credit: lancefisher One of the questions that so many parents of toddlers face has to do with potty training and preschool. There was a time when, if your child wasn’t potty trained, there were few or no preschools that would take him. Today, however, things are different. Preschools recognize that not all toddlers are

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