Saving Money

Saving Money When You Get An Inheritance

You’ve had that dream, right? You know, the one where great Uncle Harold had a billion dollars tucked away under a (very lumpy) mattress, and it’s all for you. He enjoyed your rendition of ““Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” so much when you were three that he’s decided to leave his wealth to you. His seven

Great Ways for Students to Save Money

Being a college student and being broke are things that very often go hand in hand. If there is anyone that needs to save some money, it surely would have to be the college student. Here are the top 10 ways for students to save money: 10. First, students can save money by avoiding vending

Saving Money when Starting a Business

It’s ironic, but it’s also very common. Often, when one spouse starts a small business, the personal finances wind up taking a back seat. The business person is out there taking out personal loans and maxing out credit cards in order to get things off the ground, and the spouse is at home with the

Using Credit Cards to Save Money

         Saving money with a credit card may seem like an oxymoron. It’s not! Think of credit cards as a financial asset you should leverage as much as possible. Credit cards are to a certain extent an extension of your income and earnings. Five tips that can help you save money with

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