Why Do Men Cheat?

While there may be any number of reasons why a man is unfaithful, the fact of the matter is that that most infidelity can be boiled down to a number of consistent reasons or excuses. While none of these reasons necessarily justify infidelity, it’s interesting to look at the reasons men give in order to

What Makes Women Cheat?

While society and the media might lead us to believe that men are much more likely to be unfaithful to their wives than women, the fact of the matter is that it always takes two to tango. When one person is cheating, the person they’re cheating with is obviously involved in the infidelity. In addition,

Childless Couple Discrimination

Having a baby is a life-changing decision. It places a lot of stress on potential parents. Additional stress can occur when friends and family start pressing the issue. Pressure Parents want to pass their legacy down through the generations. In addition, many parents simply love being grandparents. That’s why they place so much pressure on

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