Loving Your Body

photo credit: Rob & Jules A changing body is a necessary part of pregnancy. While some women relish the experience, many women may see a change in their body image during pregnancy. In some cases, that changing image may not be entirely positive. There are some things you need to keep in mind if you

Fibroids and Your Pregnancy

photo credit: RachelCrowder Fibroids are masses of tissue, typically somewhat large masses, that are composed of uterine cell tissues. Fibroids are not cancerous. They have been known to grow both around and even inside of your uterus. Fibroids often distort the size and the shape of your uterus. Fibroids may be a few centimeters long,

5 Factors that Might Contribute to Autism

photo credit: Lance Neilson When you talk about the possible causes of autism, inevitably someone is going to bring up vaccines. While there is certainly disagreement among parents, the bulk of scientific research doesn’t demonstrate any link between the two. We’ll sidestep the vaccination debate today¸ however, and look at some of the other factors

Babies Remember Prenatal Music

photo credit: Sean MacEntee We’ve often heard about the benefits of playing music for your baby while they’re in the womb. There is some evidence to show that babies who are exposed to certain types of music while you’re still pregnant may actually perform better in school, and have improved health. We also know that

How, Why, and When to Kegel

photo credit: BobbiJanay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up Exercising the muscles on your pelvic floor (known as your “Kegel” muscles) can help you in a variety of ways during your pregnancy. These are the muscles that support your uterus, your bowels, and your bladder. They also strengthen and support

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