Everything You Need to Know about the 3D Ultrasound

photo credit: tjmwatson Technology is not only making pregnancy safer, it’s making it more interesting. One of the most amazing advancements we’ve seen in prenatal tech has been the new 3D ultrasound. Traditionally, an ultrasound gives you a flat two-dimensional image of your baby. Until the technician or doctor points everything out, it can be

Picking the Right Baby Doctor: The OB/GYN

photo credit: Parker Michael Knight Also known as an OB/GYN, an obstetrician is a health care provider that handles a number of different women’s health services. This includes things like your annual Pap test, for example. An OB/GYN is trained to handle complications that may happen during pregnancy, to deliver babies, and to help care

OB, Family Doctor, or Midwife?

photo credit: brooklyn When you think about pregnancy and delivering a baby, you naturally assume that you’re talking about having an obstetrician as your health care provider. After all, when it comes to the medical field obstetricians are the ones with the most training and education. That said, many women choose to use another provider

Pregnancy’s Biggest Pain

photo credit: Rob & Jules One of the most common (and most annoying) symptoms of pregnancy can be hemorrhoids. While not every woman will have hemorrhoids during pregnancy, many do. In fact, many women who’ve never experienced hemorrhoids before will suffer from them significantly when they’re expecting. Understanding what causes them and what you can

Dramatic Drop in Teen Pregnancy

photo credit: romana klee While you might not know it if you’re watching the reality shows “Teen Mom” or “16 and Pregnant”, the rate of teen pregnancy is actually on the decline. Not only is it on the decline, research suggests that this is because of more effective use of birth control than ever before.

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