Choosing the Medical Professional for Your Pregnancy

photo credit: jikatu Also known as an OB/GYN, an obstetrician is a health care provider that handles a number of different women’s health services. This includes things like your annual Pap test, for example. An OB/GYN is trained to handle complications that may happen during pregnancy, to deliver babies, and to help care for the

How, Why, and When to Kegel

photo credit: dno1967b Exercising the muscles on your pelvic floor (known as your “Kegel” muscles) can help you in a variety of ways during your pregnancy. These are the muscles that support your uterus, your bowels, and your bladder. They also strengthen and support your vaginal muscles. Why Kegel exercises help Pregnancy is tough on

STDs and Pregnancy Problems

photo credit: teachercreature;-) Sexually transmitted diseases can affect a person in any number of ways. Some STDs, such as Chlamydia, may have little or no symptoms, making those who suffer from the disease unaware that they even have it, often until after it begins to harm them in some way or another. Some STDs can

Miscarriage or Stillbirth?

photo credit: mjtmail (tiggy) The loss of a pregnancy can be a very difficult time for a couple. Many parents, upon learning that their baby is no longer living, become confused, upset, and overwhelmed with grief. Whether it is a miscarriage or a stillbirth, the loss of a pregnancy is something that no one ever

Heading Off Autism in the Womb

photo credit: pvera Autism has risen dramatically in the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, there are many voices – often loud, angry voices – telling us what they thing causes autism. Yet the fact remains that it’s not exactly clear what can cause autism. What is clear is that there can be many factors, and

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