Eating Disorders and Your Pregnancy

Having an eating disorder can impact every area of your life. For the pregnant woman who has an eating disorder, the disorder is even more serious, as an eating disorder can create some severe risks for both the pregnant woman and for her baby. One of the most serious side-effects of having an eating disorder

How Expensive are Babies Really?

The fact of the matter is that many people just don’t realize how much it does cost to have a baby. There are so many different expenses – some of which are completely unavoidable – that have to be factored in. At the same time, there are plenty of expenses that are truly optional and,

How to Reduce Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

No one wants stretch marks. Fortunately, not every woman comes out of pregnancy with stretch marks. That said, many do. As a matter of fact, statistics tell us that as many as half of all pregnant women will get stretch marks while they’re pregnant. So, while you might wind up being in the lucky half,

Three Big Pregnancy Problems and What to Do

Pregnancy can be a very difficult time for your body. The task of growing a healthy baby is a big one, and it is naturally going to have some repercussions. The fact of the matter is that, while it is completely normal and natural, pregnancy is also a traumatic event for your body. Pregnancy is

Get Control of Gestational Diabetes

  There are, as you well know, many conditions that can affect the pregnant woman. Some of them, like morning sickness, tend to be little more than an annoyance. Others tend to be more serious. Some conditions arise only during pregnancy. This is the case with gestational diabetes, although this condition can be much more

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