Postpartum Depression Becoming More Understood and Accepted

photo credit: Lars Plougmann One of the biggest barriers for women experiencing postpartum depression was the feeling that getting treatment would make her look weak, or like she wasn’t a good mother. The guilt that can accompany postpartum depression can be significant, and when you have celebrities jumping on couches declaring how it isn’t a

Abuse and Postpartum Depression

photo credit: sprout_creative Postpartum depression is, without a doubt, a serious concern. It’s important to do what we can to not only try to prevent postpartum depression, but to be able to seek help when it does happen. Postpartum depression can rob you of some of those most joyful early days of your baby’s life.

Babies Remember Prenatal Music

photo credit: Sean MacEntee We’ve often heard about the benefits of playing music for your baby while they’re in the womb. There is some evidence to show that babies who are exposed to certain types of music while you’re still pregnant may actually perform better in school, and have improved health. We also know that

Exercise Benefits Postpartum

photo credit: mariachily Between ten and twenty percent of new mothers will experience postpartum depression on one level or another. There are a number of causes, some of which you can manage and others which are beyond your control. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help you deal with postpartum depression. If

Placenta Pills to Treat Postpartum

photo credit: Lars Plougmann Recently, many new mothers are turning to placenta pills as a means of combating postpartum depression. Sound strange? Would it sound even stranger if you knew that the placenta pills are made from the mother’s own placenta? Placenta pills are made using a fairly simple process: The mother’s placenta is obtained.

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