Study Links Postpartum Depression and Domestic Violence

photo credit: williamshannon A recent study led by Dr. Barry Solomon of John’s Hopkins links postpartum depression to domestic violence. While the connection does not come as a major surprise, researchers suggest that the findings are important to understanding how to best help women who are dealing with postpartum depression. No one is suggesting that

Placenta Pills for Postpartum Depression

photo credit: Lars Plougmann There is a rising trend among new mothers to save their baby’s placenta in order to encapsulate it into pill form. Ingesting the placenta is believed to have a number of health benefits. One of the most significant is combating postpartum depression. It is believed that ingesting the placenta helps regulate

Older First Time Mothers at Greater Risk for Postpartum Depression

photo credit: donireewalker A recent study conducted by the University of Oslo (Norway) has found that women who wait to have children until after they have established themselves in a career are more likely to deal with postpartum depression. Roughly 13% of all first time mothers experience postpartum depression. In the study, first time mothers

Screening New Moms for Postpartum Depression

photo credit: ThoseCameraCurls Around 15 percent of all new moms will experience postpartum depression during that first year after their baby is born. This is a staggering thing, when you think about it; almost one in every seven new moms will experience the guilt, anxiety, fear, and other problems that go along with postpartum depression.

Understanding Colic

photo credit: cheriejoyful If there’s one thing that can be extremely frustrating to a parent it is colic. Colic can create chaos in a household. It can cause all sorts of strains on mom and dad, and it can interfere with the enjoyment and those important bonding times between parents and babies. What’s especially frustrating

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