Infant Tragedy and Blame

photo credit: MeLY3o One of the most heartbreaking stories to hear about in the news is a parent who ends the life of an infant child. In many cases, postpartum psychosis is to blame. A break from reality that causes the parent to act in a homicidal way isn’t terribly common, but it does happen.

Can you Treat PPD Naturally?

Postpartum depression is a condition that is extremely serious. Postpartum depression can be dangerous and troublesome for both the woman who is experiencing it and for her family. Postpartum depression that is severe can be especially dangerous if it is not treated. If left untreated, a woman with postpartum depression can develop postpartum psychosis, in

Dealing with Postpartum Mental Illness

photo credit: Lars Plougmann While things are changing somewhat, the fact of the matter is that there is still quite a bit of stigma about postpartum mental illness. It doesn’t help that, so often, the media get it wrong. A disaster will strike and a woman will commit awful acts, and the media will attribute

Postpartum Depression and Baby Sleep

photo credit: USCPSC We know that postpartum depression can be debilitating. It can interfere with your relationship with your new baby, with your partner, with family and friends, and everyone else. Treating postpartum depression is important if you want to have a happy, healthy experience. One component to postpartum depression is often insomnia. This makes

Topical and Medical Treatments for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

photo credit: teachercreature;-) Of all the impacts pregnancy has on the body, stretch marks are some of the toughest to deal with. There just aren’t that many proven, effective treatments that can help you to get rid of your stretch marks. To be sure, there are some treatments that you can buy over the counter.

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