Labor and Delivery

The Normal Signs of Labor

photo credit: bradleygee Whether you’re a first time mom or an old pro, it’s always worth taking a few moments at some point near the start of the third trimester to remind yourself of the signs of labor. You need to know what to look out for so that, when the big day comes, you’re

Labor Pain or Not?

photo credit: gabofr The woman who’s pregnant for the first time has all sorts of baggage and preconceived notions when it comes to what labor is going to be like. The fact of the matter is, however, she’s probably going to be wrong on a great many things. This is, largely, because every pregnancy is

Reducing Unnecessary C-Sections

photo credit: Editor B A C-section is sometimes a medical necessary. In some cases, however, the procedure is more or less elective. While it’s somewhat hard to understand why someone would choose to have abdominal surgery when it’s not necessary is a bit confusing, the fact is some women feel safer with a C-section. A

Try Herbs for Labor Pain

photo credit: Gudlyf Labor is painful. There really is no way around this simple fact. Even if a woman has an extremely high tolerance for pain, and even if labor is as smooth as it can be, a woman is going to experience pain during labor. Yet, many of the options for pain relief during

Hypnobirthing Basics

photo credit: jeff_golden One of the most recent trends in birthing has been the practice of hypnobirthing. Even some celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, have come out as recent advocates for the practice. The point of hypnobirthing, of course, is to make the labor and delivery process easier. In particular: Hypnobirthing uses hypnosis to help

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