Family Finances

Five Budget Tips for a Family of Five

Today’s families may be shrinking in size, but that doesn’t mean family budgets are going down at all. Today’s family of five has to work within a budget, just like any other family in the past. Having three kids and two adults (or whatever your particular configuration happens to be) means more food, more clothes,

What Belongs on Your Family Budget List?

Creating a family budget is easy. Creating a family budget list that includes all of your actual expenses and still fits within your income can be terribly challenging. As you work through the process of trying to get a handle on your family finances and set a realistic budget on which you can live, you

Financial Failure is a Product of Failing to Plan

    Nobody sets out with the goal of making a financial train wreck out of their lives. Most of us, especially when we’re young and naïve, envision a much brighter future for ourselves. As life goes on, we learn a few things. Among them is the fact that a bright financial future doesn’t just

5 Tips for Transitioning to One Income

If you’ve decided that your family will benefit from having you or your partner at home full time, you know that there will be challenges ahead. In addition to the challenges you’ll face by making the transition from working at a job to working with your home and family full time, there will be financial

5 Thrift Store Tips for Families on a Budget

When you’re a family living on a budget, you cut corners where you can. Living on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have the things you need and want, and it doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things either. Sometimes, however, it means making specific purchasing and shopping choices that help you to better

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