Family Finances

Common Family Budget Mistakes

It’s not always easy maintaining a family budget. There are tough decisions to make. If you’re not diligent about where your money goes when it comes in, you can get into some real financial danger. And before you know it, you have a household deficit situation. Here are some of the most common budget mistakes

How to Set Aside Family Vacation Money on a Limited Budget

Many of us are seduced by that middle-class family image. You know the one we’re talking about. A happy mom and dad with two happy children. A few nice things in the house, but nothing over the top. Enough money to put most of the things on your child’s wishlist under the tree on Christmas.

To Warrantee or Not to Warrantee

There is no shortage of opinions on whether warrantees are a good buy. Most of the time, warrantees cost more than the benefit received from them. If that weren’t so, businesses wouldn’t offer them. So, shelling out good money for a warrantee you probably won’t need is a bad idea, right? Not necessarily. The benefit

The Power of One Dollar

Unless you’re at the very bottom of the barrel, chances are that you have a dollar to spare. You may not have many of them, but you have a crumpled up George Washington somewhere that you could live without if you had to. So, what does that have to do with savings? Everything. It Starts

Save Money by Adjusting Your Car Insurance

There are lots of ways to cut money out of your monthly family budget. One of the easiest-and least painful- is to adjust your car insurance. Making some small changes in your auto insurance policy can make a big difference in the amount you’re spending, giving you more to save or use for other budgetary

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