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5 Frugal Family Vacation Tips You Haven’t Considered

A family vacation can be an expensive proposition. Driving several hundred miles across country, paying for hotel rooms and attractions, and even dining itself can be major expenses. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Souvenirs, snacks, emergency supplies and other incidentals can add up, too. The Internet is full of frugal travel advice, but […]

How to Set Aside Family Vacation Money on a Limited Budget

Many of us are seduced by that middle-class family image. You know the one we’re talking about. A happy mom and dad with two happy children. A few nice things in the house, but nothing over the top. Enough money to put most of the things on your child’s wishlist under the tree on Christmas. […]

How to Resolve Sibling Rivalry

  We’ve talked before about sibling rivalry, and how it can be frustrating and even a little bit strange for parents to see. Sibling rivalry, when left unchecked, can lead to a lifetime of resentment and difficulty between siblings. As parents, it’s our job to help encourage our children to learn conflict resolution skills and […]

Sibling Rivalry: The Big Picture

For people, who grew up in single child households, understanding the concept of sibling rivalry can be difficult. After all, single children would have loved to have a playmate to grow up with, and have company at all times. Siblings however, don’t always see it this way. Whether you grew up as an only child or whether […]