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Benefits of Infant Circumcision

photo credit: BecomingJewish.Org Unless we have religious reasons for circumcision, most of us don’t really think about it until the doctor asks us whether we want our baby son circumcised. The practice has gone in, out and back in favor with the medical community. Currently, the American Pediatric Association doesn’t make an official recommendation one […]

When Circumcision Goes Wrong

photo credit: Or Hiltch People have practiced male circumcision for literally thousands of years. While it’s a commonplace practice, it’s certainly not universal. Most health care providers recognize the value in circumcision, citing studies that show a reduced risk of penile cancer and STDs. There has even been recent research that links circumcision with a […]

Circumcision and Prostate Cancer Risk

photo credit: Ambernectar 13 Circumcision has become somewhat controversial in the past few decades. Many people are coming to the conclusion that the practice serves little practical health value, and that it may be unnecessarily cruel (or in some cases dangerous) to baby boys. Of course, it’s not always as clear as it seems. There […]

San Francisco Circumcision Ban

photo credit: daipresents Circumcision has, in some circles, been viewed as a somewhat controversial practice over the past few years. Take, for example, the effort in San Francisco to ban the practice outright. Politicians there have put a measure on the local ballot that would prohibit circumcision for men and boys under the age of […]