Breastfeeding Support is Close By

photo credit: ammgramm Over  the past couple of decades, breastfeeding has been getting a lot of attention among pregnant women and among health providers who treat women. The benefits to both mother and baby make a compelling case for breastfeeding, and more and more communities are developing breastfeeding support systems. Take, for example, a new

Encouraging Breastfeeding

photo credit: InnocentEyez Breastfeeding offers a number of benefits both to mom and baby, which you’re well aware of if you’ve followed us for any amount of time. While we realize that not every mom can or should breastfeed, we do think these benefits are significant and that breastfeeding should be encouraged. One of the

Yet another Public Breastfeeding Incident

photo credit: various brennemans Some people just don’t get it. Breastfeeding is not only completely natural, it’s just good for your baby. While not every mom can or wishes to breastfeed, those that do deserve plenty of respect. Somehow, though, there are those in our society who continually refuse to recognize just how important it

Can Breastfeeding Affect Your Child’s Intelligence?

photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography By now, we trust that mothers everywhere have heard the message: Breastfeeding is best. It’s best for you and it’s best for your baby. The World Health Organization, the US Department of Health, and other leading health organizations worldwide agree. There is no better food for your developing baby than

Breastfeeding and Blood Pressure

photo credit: Big C Harvey Most of us are already familiar with the myriad benefits of breastfeeding for our babies. We know our breast fed babies are less likely to have digestive problems, infections, colic, and more. We’re probably also aware that breast feeding has benefits for us as women, including: Reduced chance of breast

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