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Catholic Health Launches Breastfeeding Education Initiative

You’re a new mother who’s having some trouble breastfeeding. Or, perhaps you’re an expecting mother with questions about nursing. The problem is you’re not sure who to turn to for expert advice. Fortunately, there are a number of centers across the world that will support and provide you with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s Only Natural […]

Breastfeeding and Childhood Obesity

Every few years, breastfeeding becomes a hot topic. It raises questions about legality, decency, common courtesy and the rights of the mother. More recently, breastfeeding has been linked to another trending subject: childhood obesity. It was previously thought that breastfed children are less likely to suffer from childhood obesity. More recent studies, however, are showing […]

Breastfeeding and Your Sleep Patterns

We often hear about all of the benefits of breastfeeding. Research tells us that breastfeeding can provide your baby with the exact nutrients that she needs, when she needs them. It isn’t so much that bottle-fed babies are guaranteed to grow up with problems; rather, breastfeeding helps boost your baby’s immune system and growth in […]

Tandem Nursing

Many mothers decide to wean their babies when they discover they are pregnant with another one. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if your baby was older and ready to start weaning anyway. As a matter of fact, babies will often wean themselves when your colostrum starts coming in for the new baby. The reason […]