Baby Milestones

Being Concerned About Baby Walking

photo credit: LizMarie_AK One of the most stressful things about being a parent is watching for our children to hit certain developmental milestones. We anxiously await those early evidences of speech, the first time our baby eats some solid food, and of course those first few steps across the living room floor. Even after your

Heading Off Autism in the Womb

photo credit: pvera Autism has risen dramatically in the past couple of decades. Unfortunately, there are many voices – often loud, angry voices – telling us what they thing causes autism. Yet the fact remains that it’s not exactly clear what can cause autism. What is clear is that there can be many factors, and

Baby’s First 1,000 Days

photo credit: mikecogh When you think about providing for your baby’s health and well-being, you often think in terms of a couple of stretches of time. You probably think about the 180 days of pregnancy, for example. Indeed, taking care of yourself during pregnancy, making sure you get the nutrients your baby needs, and getting

How Nutrients Help with Brain and Eye Development

photo credit: bradleypjohnson You probably know by now that interactive toys – those kinds of toys that spur your baby’s curiosity and imagination – are key to helping her development. There are a variety of nutrients, too, such as DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which contribute to healthy brain development as well. There are a number

Getting Baby to Walk

photo credit: Yoni Lerner As parents, we live for those milestones in our babies’ lives. Those first words, those first bites of solid food and, of course, those first steps, are the stuff memories are made of. Long after your baby has grown up and flown the coop, you’ll look back to those firsts and

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