Introducing the New Baby to Your Other Baby or Toddler

Bringing home a new baby can be somewhat traumatic for an older sibling. If you’ve approached it right during your pregnancy, your toddler likely has some degree of anticipation and is probably looking forward to it. Yet, it’s not uncommon for your toddler or other baby to very soon feel like things have changed for

How to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy During the Winter Months

Your baby’s skin is much more delicate than yours, and therefore much more prone to skin irritations that may arise from any of a number of environmental factors – harsh weather conditions being one of them. Winter is approaching and if you have a little one, you not only need to be concerned about proper

Your Baby Will Remember Music from the Womb

We’ve often heard about the benefits of playing music for your baby while they’re in the womb. There is some evidence to show that babies who are exposed to certain types of music while you’re still pregnant may actually perform better in school, and have improved health. We also know that babies in the womb

One Thousand Opportunities

When you think about providing for your baby’s health and well-being, you often think in terms of a couple of stretches of time. You probably think about the 180 days of pregnancy, for example. Indeed, taking care of yourself during pregnancy, making sure you get the nutrients your baby needs, and getting proper prenatal care

What is Baby Eczema and How to Treat it

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as kissing your baby’s soft, beautiful skin, but if you’ve noticed red, scaly patches on those tiny little cheeks or even other parts of her body, you may be seriously concerned. Fortunately, it’s nothing to worry about. Instead, it’s probably a simple case of baby eczema. Understanding Eczema Eczema, also

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