Major Trends in Adoption

Adoption has seen a serious surge in popularity over the past three decades. At one time, adoption was considered only as an alternative when a couple couldn’t conceive their own child. Today, however, adoption is often the first choice of many couples who seek to have a child but also make a difference in the

Different Types of Adoption

    We often talk about adoption as if it were a single entity, done the same way by everyone every time. The truth is that adoption can take many different forms. Not only that, the type of adoption that occurs often has a number of other implications, including resources available to the adoptive parents,

Adoption Statistics in the United States

  Adoption is one of those areas that people often just don’t talk about. Many couples only turn to adoption when they find out they’re struggling with fertility, and others never give it a second thought. Yet, adoption is an integral part of our culture, and one of the ways we care for those less

Special Needs Adoption

One of the most selfless things that an adoptive parent can do is to consider adopting a child with special needs. The whole prospect can be intimidating, of course. Like any other prospective parent, you begin to question your abilities. You wonder if you can be a good example and fully provide for any child,

New Russian Adoption Policy

For many couples struggling to have a child – or who wish to make a difference in the life of a needy child – adoption is a wonderful alternative. The adoption landscape in the United States can be difficult, however, and sometimes it’s easier for a couple to look overseas. In particular, many families have

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