Can you Treat PPD Naturally?

Postpartum depression is a condition that is extremely serious. Postpartum depression can be dangerous and troublesome for both the woman who is experiencing it and for her family. Postpartum depression that is severe can be especially dangerous if it is not treated. If left untreated, a woman with postpartum depression can develop postpartum psychosis, in which the new mom really becomes separated from certain aspects of reality. Postpartum psychosis can lead to horrible things, including even death.

Even husbands can experience postpartum depression, according to some new research.

Experts aren’t entirely certain what it is that causes postpartum depression. Some research suggests that postpartum depression may be related to the shifting levels of estrogen and progesterone that takes place in a woman’s body during and immediately after pregnancy. Other research suggests that the hormones produced by the thyroid also drop after birth, and that these drops can also cause the symptoms of depression. However, it may not always be possible to attach a single, simple cause to post partum depression. It may be, in some cases that postpartum depression is a combination of physical as well as situational issues. For this reason, treatment for postpartum depression needs to fit with the cause of the postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression should not be treated solely in a natural manner. The fact of the matter is that postpartum depression is a serious illness, and like any other serious illness postpartum depression requires medical attention. Fortunately, postpartum depression is treatable. The most successful type of treatment for postpartum depression will be some combination of antidepressant medication as well as therapy.

Still, there are natural treatments for postpartum depression that can add to and help out the other treatments for postpartum depression. For example, St. John’s wort has long been used to treat depression. There are herbal teas that may contain things like St. John’s wort that are especially designed to help the woman with postpartum depression. Using these sorts of natural treatments alongside of a clinical treatment, such as medications and/or therapy, can definitely help the recovery process.

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