Miss Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Massive Holiday Savings Still Await You!

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditionally, Black Friday has been the day for families to trim their holiday budgets with deep discounts and loss leaders from retailers. For the past several years, online retailers have answered back with another solution: Cyber Monday. While these days can offer opportunities for savings, there are some other days you need to watch for as the season continues, that might help control your family holiday budget:

  • December 14. The United States Postal Service marks the December midpoint with “Stamp and Ship Day.” This is the last day you can reliably ship holiday greeting cards, gifts, or anything else and make sure they get there before the holiday festivities. After that date, you’re probably going to have to pay for upgraded shipping such as Priority Mail or Express Mail.
  • December 17. There are a large number of retailers participating in this one online. This will be “Free Shipping Day,” and can be a chance for a family on a budget to knock at least a few bucks off the cost of ordering holiday gifts.
  • December 23. For those family members and friends who just seem to have everything (or just don’t seem to ever appreciate what you pick out) just two days before Christmas is the time to shop. This is National eGift Card Day, where many retailers will be offering eGift cards, some at a slightly discounted rate.
  • December 26. If your family holiday celebration doesn’t take place until after the 25th, you can catch some serious discounts as retailers try to clear out unsold inventory. That date is also “Coupon Code Day,” where many online retailers will offer coupon codes for toys, clothes, electronics, and more.

The best defense for family budget savings during the holidays is a good offense. Mark these dates on your calendar, and trim a few extra bucks off your holiday budget this year.

So, what about you? What are some of your post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday savings tactics in your family? What other ways do you use to keep your family budget under control?

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