Being Concerned About Baby Walking

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One of the most stressful things about being a parent is watching for our children to hit certain developmental milestones. We anxiously await those early evidences of speech, the first time our baby eats some solid food, and of course those first few steps across the living room floor. Even after your child is grown, you’ll look back on those moments with fondness.

Of course, you want to believe your child is advanced. You want him to develop ahead of the curve, or at least normally. We encourage our children to talk and walk not only because we want them to have these skills, but because we believe they can.

Walking helps parents

Getting your baby to start walking helps you almost as much as it helps them. Once he’s walking in a relatively stable manner, your arms will get a much-needed rest. (Of course, your legs might get more of a workout because you’ll be chasing them all around!)

How development happens

What you need to know, of course, is that your child isn’t going to start walking just because you’d like her to do so. She’s going to wait until she’s ready. Skills like walking, standing, and even talking have as much to do with your baby’s confidence and desire as they have to do with muscular and nervous system development.

You can’t push your baby to develop at a certain pace, or to reach a particular milestone. You can certainly be an encouragement, but if you create a situation with too much pressure, he’s going to recognize your disappointment. This can lower his confidence, and actually slow down the process.

When must it happen?

Your baby might start walking early, even before her first birthday. That said, some babies wait much, much longer. As long as your baby is walking at least a little bit by the time she’s two, you don’t have much to worry about. Talk regularly with your doctor about developmental milestones like these if you’re concerned, of course.

What has your experience been with walking? When did your baby start to walk, and what did you do to encourage it?


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